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Welcome from HHCA President

Jason Blanchette

Feb. 27, 2021.

Spring is nearly upon us and with that said we have just wrapped up a great AGM. Unlike our AGMs of the past we had to go virtual. With that said we had a fantastic turnout and I would like to thank all the community members in attendance.

I don’t think anyone would have predicted the last year we’ve had and much like the world around us our Association had to adjust. The pandemic saw us cancelling an Easter egg hunt, a Jellybean dance, and a few other events planned for the community. This changed our plans obviously, but didn’t hold us down. We were able to plan a few activities in these times. With a first responders parade, window scavenger hunts, Ninja Neighbours with Niceness campaign, and finally a Christmas Light display contest the year had some activities we could participate in.

The community garden was able to be set up and a successful year of growing was had. It was amazing to see all the beauty the garden brings to the community. We look forward to another season of bountiful gardens!

We are going into 2021 with hope and positivity that we can find our way back to normalcy. We have a new Board of Directors with some familiar faces and some new faces joining us. The board is at a full 9 member team of volunteers and we are excited to get work on representing our community of Heritage Hills.

Our mission is the Heritage Hills Community Association listens to the needs of the community and strives to provide events and projects that enhance involvement, connection, and quality of life to all residents. The HHCA advocates for the residents with a strong voice while modeling
respect, honesty, and responsibility as a transparent and accountable organization.

I want to encourage you to get involved. We will have many opportunities to be involved once we return to normalcy. Whether it is joining the Community Garden Committee, volunteering at events, or bringing forward other ideas or initiatives we can look to bring to the community.

Jason Blanchette, HHCA President

Annual General Meeting, 2021

The board has been hard at work organizing our Annual General Meeting (AGM); the date for the virtual event is Thursday Feb 25th, 2021 at 7:00pm (to no later than 9:00) .  More details will be posted as they are finalized!

A Google Meeting “Link” will be posted on the HHCA and The Heritage Hills Community Facebook Pages at least one day before the meeting. If you are not able to access the links on Facebook then please email: and you will be emailed the link.

All paid/active members will be sent the Agenda/Meeting Link Invite/details on how the virtual meeting will be handled.

If your membership is NOT PAID for 2021 PLEASE pay before the meeting so you can vote. Email Interac e-Transfer (with your name, address, phone number) can be made to Or use this email for any questions. Memberships can be paid right up to the meeting time!

Paid members have voting rights and can run for any position on the board. If you have any questions reach out to More details to follow in the following weeks leading up to the event!

AGM Proposed Agenda


Heritage Hills Community

1) This AGM is for all residents of the Heritage Hills. Only active members Community Association (paid up for the 2021 year) may participate in running for board positions, and to vote.
-We have provided members with a link to the meeting. We ask that you do not forward this link to others as we try to keep the business of the HHCA limited to members of our community. Please contact a board member if you think extending an invitation to a specific individual is appropriate.
-We STRONGLY encourage everyone to pay their membership BEFORE the day of the meeting. This ensures your receipt and confirmation, and makes it easier for us to keep track of attendees.
– Our team will work in the background to confirm attendees at the start of the AGM. You may purchase your $10/household membership at the start of the meeting if you haven’t already done so (please consider this will take some time and attention away from the start of the meeting – we don’t want you to miss anything).
-We ask that only one computer/device per household be used to view the meeting. This helps us to confirm member household.
2) We ask that all attendees please keep our device on “mute” to minimize background noise and interruptions. The moderator has the ability to mute all, but all individuals have the ability to un-mute themselves at any time. We ask for patience and courtesy.
-Please use the “raise hand” option on your device, or type your question in the Comments section.

1) The moderator will design questions for voting throughout the meeting.
-Please vote! Remember, one vote per household, not per individual (as defined in our by-laws).
-The results of these votes can be seen by all as a percentage immediately after votes are cast. The record of individuals who voted is only available at the end of the session. This means that voting seems anonymous in the moment, but a digital record is created.
2) The capabilities of the platform are limited, so those attendees participating by phone cannot participate in this voting method.
-Instead, we may ask for a verbal vote and add it to the count (?) or you may add your vote
1) Please use the “Comments” section of the platform for any questions.
-You may write your questions at any time during the meeting and our team will do our best to share the question and prepare timely responses.
-We plan to have a Q&A portion to the meeting after our presentations and business is complete.

Please check out our Facebook group page “HHCA” or the “Heritage Hills Community” group page for any last minute information.

Christmas Light Display Winner

Thanks to all who entered, voted, and enjoyed the true spirit of a Christmas Light event. The winner (back of Heritage Bay) was the backyard classic light display, including deer, and soothing music for the passersby on the path up the hill near Heritage Vista. A sign proclaiming the first place prize was presented to the owners, John and Charlene Caldwell. Merry Christmas to all of Heritage Hills. -From the Heritage Hills Community Association board.

John and Charlene Caldwell, the 2020 Winners!

HHCA 2020 Virtual Open House

Members of the HHCA Board of Directors respond to your questions / concerns and issues. As well, we have attempted to give a brief overview of what your Community Association does. In addition what we are planning for the future.

Since we could not hold a face-to-face gathering we did our best to deliver our reports via video. Please view the Open House 2020 video presentation and feel free to contact us!


Support us, for all we DO

Please! email transfer/Interac your annual H.H. Community Assoc. $10 fee, with your Name/Email/Home Address and any other names in your household, to

The HHCA is the Heritage Hills Community Association. We are the “Community” group that represents and works for / with you, to make our neighbourhood a better place.
Basically we on the Board and Committees are all your neighbours, who have volunteered for various roles. We run Events / Dances / Activities / Seasonal Gatherings / Represent H.H. to the Town on related issues / Raise issues with Planning Development / Created Community Gardens and more. 
WHY join?? The low membership fee is to allow us to have a financial base to run any of the events and activities. Hall rentals, equipment like BBQ’s, Tents, Supplies, Food, Heaters for Santa, Insurance, etc. all cost money and having these events is a great perk / benefit to our community as a whole.
Purchasing a community association membership is a great way to get involved and show your support for the many ways your neighbours work to ensure you love where you live.

HH Community Association continues during these difficult times

Dear HH:
Your Community Association continues on during these difficult times.  Thanks to the progress we have made in our digital presence our first video conference meeting was a huge success.
Speeding – continues to be a concern for our neighborhood and we thought it timely, with the weather turning nice, to remind everyone to please slow down, especially those that signed an agreement with a pace car sticker and are to be setting an example.  It is hard to justify speeding out of our community during normal times, but with more people staying close to home and an increase in pedestrian traffic throughout the day, speeding through a residential community is even more dangerous. Slow down, be safe.
Events – No surprise the main part of our meeting was discussing events.  The Easter egg hunt was transformed into a monthly scavenger hunt which has been posted.  Jenna has taken lead of this and will keep it going as long as there is interest.  We also were the first to do a salute to our first responders, which was great as other communities followed.  We may look at doing another one in the near future.  We discussed several more ideas and I’m excited to see which will make the final cut.  In fact, we were on another call tonight with a great idea coming from our community which we are trying to support.vents – No surprise the main part of our meeting was discussing events.  The Easter egg hunt was transformed into a monthly scavenger hunt which has been posted.  Jenna has taken lead of this and will keep it going as long as there is interest.  We also were the first to do a salute to our first responders, which was great as other communities followed.  We may look at doing another one in the near future.  We discussed a few more ideas and I’m exited which will make the final cut, and they keep flowing in.  In fact, we were on another call tonight with a great idea coming from our community which we are trying to support.
Planning and Development – Ron is in constant communication with the town and working on contacts with the RVS.  We should have an update soon on the new school district lines for the fall.  We have no influence on this but want to ensure we help with the communication.  If you have questions on planning and development, including the pace car system reach out to Ron or myself.
Treasurer – After our AGM we have to file our yearly report.  Cynthia and Mathew worked together to get this done and I am signing and mailing it off.
Membership – We are in a little trouble here.  All board members are working to come up with ways to better the community and keep everyone engaged, informed, and entertained, but we will need more support from its citizens to be able to carry out these events and communications. We could use a membership drive but that’s a bit more difficult these days so we are taking every opportunity to reach out online. So if you are not a member yet please email your $10, with your address and any other names in your household, to
Community Garden – Well this is supposed to be the most exciting time for this initiative.  The boxes are built, the contracts done up, the details worked out, and we may be paused.  Although Anika is working with the town to come up with a way of implementing this by utilizing schedules, etc.. to ensure social distancing is maintained, we may end up delaying this.  More to come.
Feel free to reach out anytime to any board member and please keep an eye on our site for upcoming announcements!
Trenton, Leinenweber
HHCA President


Coronavirus (COVID-19) and HHCA Events

The Heritage Hills Community Association  (HHCA) is taking into consideration the present Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation and have put all our planned events for the near-future on hold.   We will continue diligently with plans for future events.  We hope that all our neighbours remain safe and healthy.

Trenton Leinenweber
President, HHCA

Cochrane Covid-19 News

Message from the Town of Cochrane Administration regarding Covid-19 and steps being taken in town. Including the closure of all town facilities.  Also some suggestions on continuing to be good neighbours.
Frequently Asked Questions about Covid-19 updated May 25, 2020

New this week

  • grand FAQ list
  • links to reliable resources and other Town pages

  • updates, news and graphics to like and share
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  • community stories
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  • updates, news and graphics to like and share
  • #CochraneTogether and #CochraneSaysThanks
Government of Canada information:
Province of Alberta information page:
Health Canada
Health Link – Health Advice 8-1-1

Physical Distancing

One of the best ways to limit the spread is to maintain physical distance from others. Use this handy chart for activities that help you do that. (And remember: it’s PHYSICAL distance, not SOCIAL distance — we want people to stay connected socially, just not in person!) Please share.


The Town of Cochrane is encouraging residents to buy local and support local businesses.

A recent post on the Town’s Facebook page pointed the community to a new Shop Cochrane Facebook page where news about local retailers and service providers is being shared.

“No doubt these are uncertain times for all of us and that includes business” says Mayor Jeff Genung. “The Town of Cochrane is working to assist our local business community and we’re committed to doing our part through this challenging time.”

The new Facebook page dedicated to sharing what Cochrane businesses are doing in the community to continue supporting and serving residents was launched earlier this week.

Residents are being encouraged to show their support in variety of ways: visit the page for information or check favourite local shops’ websites to see what they are offering.

Business owners are invited to share information about adjustments to services; businesses can also email Cochrane Business Development is also connecting local businesses with provincial and federal resources on

The Town is reminding everyone that we can get through this difficult time if we work together.




Contact us

Please feel free to contact us with comments, questions, opinions, suggestions and helpful information.  All of the Board of Directors and committees are listed under our Board / Contact Page.  Please contact the appropriate individual.

Or use this general Information link and we will attempt to help:

If you have suggestions, material, comments regarding “The View” our HHCA Website please contact the Communications Director: David Chidley