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Your Heritage Hills Community Association

The Heritage Hills Community Association holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) each
February to fulfill our obligations of a registered, non-profit society, and as set by our
by-laws. We address the residents of Heritage Hills (Cochrane AB) to provide updates of
our activities, report our financial status, and elect board members. For additional
information please visit our website: .

Date: Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Time: doors open @ 6:30pm, meeting starts at 7:00pm

Location: Hybrid Event
a) Online: Google Meet Video call link:

Or dial: (CA) +1 226-315-9989 PIN: 720 313 473#

b) In Person: FCSS and Resource Centre Meeting Room
209 – 2 Ave W, Cochrane, AB

Parking: Please park on the adjacent streets as the parking lot is reserved for

residents of the building only.

Access: Please access the doors on the north side of the building (facing Hwy 1A).

Inside the vestibule, press the button for the Stable Room.
Follow the signs to the stairs or elevator to go down one level.

Agenda for ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – February 28, 2023 @ 7:00pm

  • Doors will open at 6:30. You may purchase your annual membership at the door.

• washrooms
• fire exits and muster point

Call to Order:

  1. Attendance
    • Quorum (board members) – 4
    • Quorum (members) – 10
  2. Notice of Meeting
    • Email to distribution list, electronic media, posters.
    • Event details, and access to 2022 minutes on our website:
  3. Approval of Minutes (2022 AGM)

Welcome Message:

  1. Acknowledge and welcome everyone in attendance to this (first ever) hybrid event.
  2. Review the Agenda
  3. Introduction of the HHCA:
    • NOT an HOA
    • 100% volunteer-run
    • Registered as a Non-Profit Society with the AB government
    • Mission, Vision, Values
  4. Begin with Guest Speaker:
    • Samantha Casselton – Municipal Enforcement, Town of Cochrane
  5. What we achieved in 2022:
    • Events: Hosted various food truck events; Halloween Haunted House / Open House;
    Santa in the Park
    • Improved signage & Newsletter
    • Established connection with the new Developer and getting updates
    • Participation in Town of Cochrane report to Community Associations
    • Participation in Town of Cochrane Pathways Workshop
    • Networking with other CA’s
  6. Some goals for 2023:
    • Board – strong group of committed people
    • Membership – ways to increase numbers; welcome to new neighbours;
    • Communication – continue to keep the community informed through website
    updates, quarterly newsletter, signage/posters, social media posts; continue to listen
    to and respond to members of the community; keep communication constructive and
    positive; Website – encourage everyone to visit for info; use email to communicate
    with us (
    • Events – we saw some success in 2022 and already have plans for improvement for
    2023 events, created a year-long calendar of proposed events
    • Projects – improvements for the Garden; ask residents what kind of projects are
    important to them, commit to projects and apply for appropriate grants/funding;

• Committees – create groups to help with events and projects; communicate with and
engage volunteers
• Network and participate with the larger community of Cochrane, including
partnerships with other CA’s

Treasurer Report – Terri Haynes:
• Current Status ($)
• 2022 Taxes and Audit (complete)
• Insurance – up to date and covered until (June) – looking for improvements
• Grants (none this past year)
• Annual Filing (complete)

Committee Reports:
• Communications – Dave Chidley
• Digital Committee – Jason Blanchette
• Events/Fundraising – Mark Haynes
• Monthly Calendar including:
• Street Hockey
• Fundraising / Membership drives
• Spring Clean-Up
• Spring/Easter Bunny
• Summer BBQ
• Summer Food Trucks
• Open House
• Halloween decorating contest
• Halloween Haunted House
• Christmas decorating contest
• Santa in the Park
• Community Garden & Projects – Nikki Anguish
• plans for upcoming season
• Planning and Development – Andrew Narten
• new relationships with Town representatives
• continue to represent the community’s needs on development of surrounding area
• looking for a better understanding of future developers / development

New Business:

  1. We want to hear from the Residents:
    • we want to understand what is important to you, and take your questions to the
    Town representatives to report back.
  2. What would you change about Heritage Hills?
  3. How do you want to see Heritage Hills improve?
  4. What else is on your mind?
  1. Review and Revise By-Laws
    • Revise wording regarding minimum number of board members per meeting
  1. Election of New Board:
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Communications
    • Events & Fundraising
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Director at Large 1
    • Director at Large 2
    • Director at Large 3
  1. Auditors for 2021:

AGM Guidelines

Join by Google Meet:
see the HHCA Facebook Page for the link
or email us at and you will be emailed the link
Tuesday, February 28 · 7:00 – 9:00pm
Google Meet joining info
Video call link:
Or dial: (CA) +1 226-315-9989 PIN: 720 313 473#
More phone numbers:
1) Welcome! This on-line process is new to use so we ask for patience and understanding of
the limitations of a digital meeting. We have tried to address some of the more common
issues below.
• Imagine an in-person meeting: we ask all attendees to treat all others with courtesy and
respect, refrain from interrupting speakers, and waiting for your turn to speak.
• Patience with us – we have tried to anticipate most scenarios but there will undoubetly
be some surprises! We have put together some information to help run a smooth event
and will do our best to problem-solve on the spot.
2) The following controls are available either on Windows PC or Apple Mac. We recommend
using the Google Chrome browser to attend the meeting.
• The Chat icon opens the Chat window for you to ask questions.

• The Activities icon is used to access the Polls for voting, etc.

• Use the Raise Hand icon to get attention of the moderator and/or board
members if you have a question or comment.

• Use the Turn on Captions function if you are having trouble hearing and
would want to be able to read what is said.
• When joining the meeting please mute your microphone.

AGM Guidelines

1) This AGM is for all residents of the Heritage Hills. Only active members Community
Association (paid up for the 2021 year) may participate in running for board positions, and
to vote.
• We have provided members with a link to the meeting. We ask that you do not forward
this link to others as we try to keep the business of the HHCA limited to members of our
community. Please contact a board member if you think extending an invitation to a
specific individual is appropriate.
• We STRONGLY encourage everyone to pay their membership BEFORE the day of the
meeting. This ensures your receipt and confirmation, and makes it easier for us to keep
track of attendees.
• Our team will work in the background to confirm attendees at the start of the AGM. You
may purchase your $10/household membership at the start of the meeting if you
haven’t already done so (please consider this will take some time and attention away
from the start of the meeting – we don’t want you to miss anything).
• We ask that only one computer/device per household be used to view the meeting. This
helps us to confirm member household.
2) We ask that all attendees please keep our device on “mute” to minimize background noise
and interruptions. The moderator has the ability to mute all, but all individuals have the
ability to un-mute themselves at any time. We ask for patience and courtesy.
• Please use the “raise hand” option on your device, or type your question in the
Comments section.
1) The moderator will design questions for voting throughout the meeting.
• Please vote! Remember, one vote per household, not per individual (as defined in our
• The results of these votes can be seen by all as a percentage immediately after votes are
cast. The record of individuals who voted is only available at the end of the session. This
means that voting seems anonymous in the moment, but a digital record is created.
2) The capabilities of the platform are limited, so those attendees participating by phone
cannot participate in this voting method.
• Instead, we may ask for a verbal vote and add it to the count (?) or you may add your
1) Please use the “Comments” section of the platform for any questions.
• You may write your questions at any time during the meeting and our team will do our
best to share the question and prepare timely responses.
• We plan to have a Q&A portion to the meeting after our presentations and business is

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Welcome from the President

March 6, 2022

Hello Heritage Hills! 

The Community Association recently held the Annual General Meeting where we reviewed our activities in 2021 and outlined some goals for 2022. Some board members stayed on and we also welcomed new residents to the board. With a low turn-out at the AGM this time we are doubling-up on some duties but our team of volunteers are excited to get to work! As we get to know each other a bit better we hope to bring some new activities and projects to the community. 

Part of what the Community Association does is liaise with the Town of Cochrane. This year we are very excited to have a new resource with the Town, a Director of Community Services. This person will be able to help us in many aspects as we navigate the re-start of group activities and hopefully solve the issue with the abundance of gophers who wreaked havoc in the Community Garden. We also wish to develop a better relationship with those working on the construction of Heritage Hills, join with other CA’s around town for larger events, and increase participation in our own community. 

We are going into 2022 with hope and positivity. I encourage everyone to get involved with the HHCA whether it is signing up for an annual membership, joining the board, or participating in some of our activities. Finding people with good ideas is easy, but finding people who can commit to turning ideas into reality is difficult. Although we’ve all gone through some low points this past year there is much to look forward to!

We want to make this a great community to live and play in and we want to connect with you! I hope to meet many of you around the neighbourhood this year!

Cynthia Nemeth

HHCA President

AGM Minutes

Heritage Hills Community Association

Meeting Minutes

Date: February 24, 2022
Location: Online
Purpose: Annual General Meeting

President: Jason Blanchette
Vice President: vacant
Treasurer: Matthew Shannon (absent)
Secretary: Cynthia Nemeth
Events: Nikki Anguish
Communications: David Chidley
Director at Large – Community Garden: Anika Sylvestre Director at Large – Memberships: vacant

Director at Large – Planning & Development vacant *Community members

Meeting called to order at: 7:10 by: Jason Blanchette .

Call to Order: Jason Blanchette

1. Attendance

• • • •

Quorum (board members) – minimum 4
Quorum (paid members) minimum 10 (we have 8 at start of meeting)

did not achieve quorum tonight
Dave: can hold an informal meeting and ratify later

2. Thank you all in attendance.
3. Notice of Meeting – sent 30 days in advance 4. Approval of Minutes (2021 AGM)

• posted on the website

  1. Welcome Message: Jason Blanchette

2. Identify Current Board Members
3. We had a tough year – couldn’t get together, couldn’t use assets, but hope to get some of

that back this year

4. Achievements:

  • Some small events this year:
  • Food trucks
  • 2021 Open House – in the park with cupcakes
  • Easter bunny passed out candy bags
  • Santa in the Park
  • Community Clean Up
  • Terry Fox Run
  • Town of Cochrane – Cynthia give a summary

5. Board positions – 9 positions (large) were filled, although we lost a few members mid-year.

  • struggled to keep things moving
  • Dave – no major conflicts, some no-shows; two moved away

6. Goals for 2022:

  • fill board positions
  • increase membership – currently 23 members
  • communicate to the community – especially planning & development
  • events – hope to get back to the larger events like kids dances; open to suggestions
  • projects – community improvement such as ice rinks; project template; apply for grants like the community garden
  • committees – garden committee; events;
  • networking with Town and other CA’s and organizations
  • Dave – plans on our website about community development but the community doesn’t look to our website which is a bit frustrating;
  • Jason – previously addressed issues include: the school bus depot that was addressed previously; Burnco expansion updates; gas extraction plant presentation
  • Mark Haynes – thank you for addressing those issues

Agenda Item: Treasurer Report Presenter: Jason Blanchette


  • Year to Date of 2021 financials:
  • Present a report: income, expenses; assets $1151.65
  • Dave: largest expense is insurance
  • Nikki: Town grant is generally used to help with insurance costs

Committee Reports

Agenda Item: Membership Presenter: Nikki Anguish

  • took over the role after we lost the board member; managing new memberships; will take over membership receipts (formerly Treasurer’s position)
  • low membership this year (23 from usual 60)
  • Jason: goal is 25%


  • Mark Haynes: what do you think the problem is?
  • Nikki: we send out cards; posts on private and public FaceBook pages; open to ideas
  • Jason: we have been getting good turn outs to events, but joining the CA is a struggle
  • Mark Haynes: personal goal to share value of CA
  • Dave: try to set up membership table at events but missed opportunities; posters go up
  • Mark Haynes: past 2 years have taken a toll; seeing a result of what the CA can do will help
  • Jakki Mackenzie: linked to see where people’s money goes but agrees that past 2 years hardships set us back but have to keep going; consider this community has a lot of young families; try exclusive membership events
  • Nikki: last year we had the most members; pulled off quite a few events in 2021
  • Jason: agreed, we had a good turn-out at events
  • Jakki Mackenzie: old adage is invite 100 ppl and expect 50 to show up
  • Mark Haynes: lots of ideas to entice families ie) basketball games, 3on3 hockey,
  • Dave: all links in the chain have to come together; no shame in admitting that things didn’t work

Agenda Item: Digital & Communications Presenter: Dave Chidley

  • Done a good job past 3-4 years with a ton of information, although no one seems to go there
    • 300 members on private FaceBook page; 900+ on public FaceBook page
    • through experience knows that most people don’t read mailers
    • open to ideas
    • working on brand presence and logo – our community has a history of being the first working ranch in Canada – expand our visual identity; branding irons;


  • Dave – wants to use the old show-home signs although Town says these are considered temporary and shouldn’t be used for that.
  • Mark Haynes – what about smaller, movable signs?
  • Cynthia – we have discussed but need to consider they go missing/stolen
  • Mark Haynes: doing a great job, Dave; just have to get the word out
  • Nikki: could have a sandwich board “brought to you by HHCA”
  • Mark Haynes: Terry suggests a way of identifying events for Members but offers a way to allow non-members to come but pay a nominal ($5) fee to donate, or food bank donation or humane society “on behalf of Heritage Hills”
  • Dave: success of the Santa event was not without effort but more successful than we planned

Agenda Item: Events / Fundraiser Presenter: Nikki Anguish

• Jason already identified last year’s events (7 or 8)


  • Nikki: could have a sandwich board “brought to you by HHCA”
  • Mark Haynes: Terry suggests a way of identifying events for Members but offers a way to allow non-members to come but pay a nominal ($5) fee to donate, or food bank donation or humane society “on behalf of Heritage Hills”
  • Dave: success of the Santa event was not without effort but more successful than we planned
  • Agenda Item: Community Garden Presenter: Anika
  • Overall successful, even during “shut down’, two years foundation, fence
    • Rented all boxes
    • Trouble with the gophers
    • New Town contact can help us with the gopher issues and water; even future development
    • Stepping down from position and need a new leader
    • Not a huge workload: renter management (paperwork), boxes are clean, grass is cut, managing complaints, plan for expansion Discussion:
    • Cynthia – some damage needs to be addressed (fence gate and compost bin lid)
    • Mark Haynes- doesn’t mind fixing little things like that if can
    • Anika – has been a struggle to get hand-on help
    • Dave – thank you to Anika for all your work to get this project off the ground


  • Cynthia – some damage needs to be addressed (fence gate and compost bin lid)
  • Mark Haynes- doesn’t mind fixing little things like that if can
  • Anika – has been a struggle to get hand-on help
  • Dave – thank you to Anika for all your work to get this project off the ground

Agenda Item: Planning & Development

Presenter: Cynthia Nemeth

Meeting Minutes

  • Towns system for asking questions is a form on their website; someone gathers information form various sources and replies via email; updates provided on remaining phases on north and south sides of the ranch – we can see these filling in.
  • Attended the Town’s meeting for Community Associations where- Cynthia to call for discussion and updates including new developer and incremental improvements to TWP Rd 262 expected this year.
  • Discussion:
    • Andrew Narten: called the Town Planning department: David Robinson (403-851-2580) said the Ranch has a new owner but no permits for land development or grading yet (expected); seeing the trees demolished today was sad
    • Nikki: trees are important to all of us; Cochrane has no tree by-law
    • Andrew Narten: attended town meeting and asked questions about Ranch property and Sports Parks – no timelines or much information given
    • Cynthia: Horse Creek sports park has its own website but update is that the re-design was presented to Town Council last fall and next steps are to secure sports associations and funding – will be a long process and development will be in phases; no timelines.
    • Jakki Mackenzie: knows someone on the committee and will ask for an update
    • Cynthia: we will post a blog on our website that might make it easier to find updates with a map

New Business

Item 1: Review By-Laws

  • Cynthia: we wish to revise section 3.e and 3.f to reflect half to current board members achieves quorum at meetings, from the current working of minimum 4 board members
  • We can only vote on this at an AGM or Special Meeting so we cannot vote on this tonight; we may not need to if we elect enough new board members

Item 2: Election of the Board:

1. Treasurer

  • Terry Haynes would stand for the position, has a background in accounting
  • Questions: already have books? excel?
  • Dave: shows binder recently provided by previous Treasurer

Seconded by Cynthia and Acclaimed

2. Secretary

• Cynthia will carry on with duties and Terry Haynes offers to help with the position

Seconded by Mark and Acclaimed

3. Communications

• Dave Chidley puts offers to continue in the position

Seconded by Nikki and Acclaimed

4. Events & Fundraising

• Mark Haynes has put his name forward

Seconded by Dave and Acclaimed

5. President

• Dave nominates Cynthia Nemeth – accepts

Seconded by Jason and Acclaimed

6. Vice President

• vacant


7. Director at Large 1

• Andrew Narten puts his name forward for Planning & Development

Seconded by Dave and Acclaimed

8. Director at Large 2

• Nikki puts her name forward for Community Garden


Seconded by Mark Haynes and Acclaimed

9. Director at Large 3

• Nikki, Andrew, and Mark offer to help with Membership


• Jason will stick around to manage the Digital Presence

Item 3: Auditors for 2021:

1. Denette Harrison 2. Doreen Chidley

• Have been contacted and binders prepared for their review

Item 4: Q&A:

1. Nikki: thanks to all who participated and signed up. Feeling hopeful for 2022.



Motion to adjourn at 8:55 by Jason Blanchette . Second: .

The next Board meeting will be held:

Date: Time: Location:

Wed. March 9th, 2021 7:00pm

Thursday, February 24, 2022 · 7:00 – 9:00pm
Google Meet joining info
Video call link:
Or dial: ‪(CA) +1 587-786-4087 PIN: ‪343 258 799#
More phone numbers:

A Meeting “Link” will also be posted on the HHCA and The Heritage Hills Community Facebook Pages at least one day before the meeting.

Please email: for any assistance we might be able to provide.

All paid/active members will be sent the Agenda/Meeting Link Invite/details on how the virtual meeting will be handled. Memberships can be paid right up to the meeting time!

If your membership is NOT PAID for 2022 PLEASE pay before the meeting so you can vote. Email Interac e-Transfer (with your name, address, phone number) can be made to Or use this email for any questions

Paid members have voting rights and can run for any position on the board. If you have any questions reach out to

Please log in and support YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD through Membership / Participation / Volunteer / Board Positions

Board Positions and descriptions

Secretary – administrative demi god
– you are responsible, reliable, and organized – actually you secretly hold all the power.
– schedule monthly, annual, and additional meetings, and email updates as needed
– prepare agenda and relevant documents for meetings
– attend all meetings and record minutes
– hold board member accountable for tasks/deliverables
– prepare documents for Annual Filing with provincial govn’t.
– prepare documents for Change of Directors with provincial govn’t. (as needed)
– represent the HHCA at the Town’s meeting with the Community Associations (twice a
year) – any board member can do this.
– create and manage other projects that benefit the HHCA (i.e. Mission Statement,
Operating Handbook, Projects Template, Info Sign, etc.)
– when needed, fill in other positions / activities related to any area including
membership, communications/presentations, projects, events etc.

Treasurer – kicking assets
– you don’t have to be a chartered accountant, just honest, attentive, and know words
like “debit”, and “credit”.
– reconciles the bank account
– update signatories as board members change
– manages money in, payments out, receipts, and disbursements
– provide monthly reports
– provide annual report
– prepare or find someone to prepare our annual taxes and ensure they are filed on
– facilitate annual audit (two volunteers required)
– obtain/renew operating insurance annually

Communications & Digital – town crier
– you’re good at writing, have organized thoughts, and are a little bit tech-savvy; but
you don’t have to wear a costume, carry a bell, or shout.
– managing the website and (private) FaceBook page
– updating information; archiving old information on the website
– Google account maintenance and domain renewals
– prepare content/wording for posts including: event announcements, Open House &
AGM meeting announcements, membership, recruitment, etc.
– proof-reading other’s communications/responses
– digital graphics knowledge is an asset

Events & Fundraising – fun, but also serious
– you’re motivated by giving something back to our neighbours that encourages
connectedness, socialization, and cooperation.
– fun – thinking about activities like kids dances, summer BBQ’s, and contests
– serious – phone calls, emails, collecting and providing information from/ to event
sponsors (DJ, food trucks, tent rentals, entertainers, etc.)
– fun – seeing a big turn out and hearing positive feedback from residents
– serious – obtaining permits
– fun – participating in the activity yourself
– serious – writing grant proposals
– fun – giving out prizes!

Director at Large – chose your own adventure!
– there are three positions available and the role is dependent on what the group
– examples of areas covered are below
a) Community Garden – seasonal
– you love being outdoors and plants…and vegetables!
signing up gardeners, collecting payment and sending/collecting contracts all via
– monitoring the day to day of the garden, checking for overgrown boxes,
communicating with renters, assist with mowing between boxes/arranging volunteers
for mowing
– end of season wrap up, ensuring boxes are cleaned out around first snowfall
– have a vision for long term projects, like a shed, expanding the gardens etc.
planning, budgeting for those.
– communicate with different town of cochrane departments regarding turning on/off
water Tap at beginning and end of season, communicating with them with regards to
any pest issues, or other issues that come up that would be Town jurisdiction

b) Membership – people collector
– because without members, why do we do this? There are about 500+ households in
Heritage Hills and we have about 70 members/year. That’s 14% and our goal is 25%.
Honestly, we’d be happy with 25%!
– strive to make all residents of Heritage Hills feel welcome!
– promote the advantages of community association membership

– organize membership drives, door to door soliciting,
– set up and operate the sign-up table at events
– collect information (name, address, phone) of new members
– manage and update email distribution list
– write and send renewal notices each year

c) Planning & Development – controlled chaos
– You have an interest in the construction activity in our neighbourhood.
– build relationships with Town representatives, developers, and home builders.
– keep the residents informed about the commercial development.
– update the Planning and Development blog on the website

d) Traffic & Safety – feet, wheels, signs , and flags
– Board members and residents do not enforce the traffic laws but we can introduce in
safety programs and work with the Town & RCMP on serious matters.
– maintain the Pace Car Program participant list and provide car stickers.
– keep abreast of the Parachute Program and any changes/updates
– communicate with residents when complaints arise

d) Community Enhancement Projects – dreamer and achiever
– You have big dreams AND know how to get them done.
– identify potential projects that will enhance the neighbourhood
– commit to the project until the end (short term or long term) and/or succession plan
– organize volunteers and head committees
– work with Town representatives and departments on permits or other requirements
– help fundraise and secure resources
– hands-on / physical work
– provide regular updates to all stakeholders
– manage and update on-going projects list

President – cheerleader
– You build enthusiasm, motivate, and encourage others!
– facilitate monthly meetings
– provide regular updates to the public
– main contact person for the board issues
– sets goals and objectives

– holds board members accountable for their tasks / deliverables
– address and diffuse conflict
– become familiar with the groups by-laws and help with updates when needed
– ideally, you have some experience with other boards and can provide guidance on
process ie. Robertson Rules of Order

Vice President – free agent
– You have a variety of skills and interest, and eager to fill in wherever you are needed.
– facilitate meetings when the president is unavailable
– assist others in their tasks; jump in to anything that needs doing
– establish, lead, or participate on committees
– this person can take on the activities of a DAL position that has gone un-filled.

2022 HHCA Membership

Happy New Year, Heritage Hills! Like you, we are happy to finally crawl out of the deep freeze we endured over the holidays and look forward to a positive 2022.

Membership Renewal

The Heritage Hills Community Association Board of Directors invites all residents of Heritage Hills to renew your annual membership for 2022. As you may notice the fee has been increased to $20 annually. As an Association we are required to carry insurance to ensure we have liability coverage for events, etc. We determined that $20 will cover annual costs and be able to support our events. This is also inline with the fees the other Associations set in Cochrane.

 Please e-transfer $20.00 to

Benefits of Memberships entail full access to community events and activities, access to information we learn about our community, and the ability to join and hold a position on the HHCA board and committees. Community Associations are known to enrich the quality of life of residents by promoting a sense of community through socialization and neighbourly interactions, creating a unified voice to advocate on behalf of the community, and driving many neighbourhood improvement initiatives.

Some highlights from 2021:

● Door to Door Easter Bunny treat deliveries

● Community garden boxes

● Food truck events

● Community Spring clean up

● Community Open House

● Halloween decorating contest

● Christmas decorating contest

● Santa in the Park


One membership allowed per household, entitles one voting privilege at HHCA meetings.

Please Include:

1) Membership Name Holder, including Family Members to be registered for all HHCA member benefits

2) Residential Address

3) Email

4) Preferred Method of contact and communication: ie, phone, email

Annual General Meeting

Our AGM will be announced in the coming days and we encourage all of you to attend. We are a group of dedicated neighbours working together to make our community a better place. We need committed and enthusiastic  individuals who can help strengthen our community and fill positions on the board. While all positions are open to any interested member, this year we especially need help with leadership positions for the Community Garden, building Membership, and Planning & Development. AGM details to follow. 

Your HHCA board





Contact us

Please feel free to contact us with comments, questions, opinions, suggestions and helpful information.  All of the Board of Directors and committees are listed under our Board / Contact Page.  Please contact the appropriate individual.

Or use this general Information link and we will attempt to help:

If you have suggestions, material, comments regarding “The View” our HHCA Website please contact the Communications Director: David Chidley