2021 Annual General Meeting

Feb. 25th, 2021

Virtual meeting using Google Meet.

Heritage Hills community members attend the HHCA virtual meeting Feb. 25, 2021.

We held the HHCA AGM and had at least 25 members sign into the virtual meeting. The process was effective and we made it through the agenda; discussions and elections in less than 2-hours. Thanks to outgoing Vice President Ron Fallis for chairing the meeting and our Past President Trent Leinenweber for attending and supporting the community further.

It is a positive development that all nine of the Board of Director positions were filled! We welcome back six board members and added three new faces. Welcome to Bill Yorke (V.P.) , Robb Aishford and Dennis Quick (both as Directors-at-large). Thanks to all for committing to work for everyone in Heritage Hills.

We look forward to a positive and active year ahead!

Meeting Minutes

Heritage Hills Community Association

Date: February 25, 2021
Location: Online
Purpose: Annual General Meeting
Attendees: President:
Vice President: Ron Fallis
Treasurer: Matthew Shannon
Secretary: Cynthia Nemeth
Communications: David Chidley
Director at Large – Community Garden: Anika Sylvestre
Director at Large – Memberships: Nikki Anguish
Director at Large – :
Guest – Jason Blanchette
Community members
Meeting called to order at: 7:05 by: Ron .

Call to Order: Ron Fallis

  1. Attendance
    • Quorum (board members) – minimum 4
    • Quorum (paid members) minimum 10 (we have 18 at start of meeting)
  2. Thank you to Jason Blanchette
  3. Agenda was emailed to members.
  4. We’ve met our quorum requirements.
  5. Notice of Meeting – no complaints; easier to meet quorum this year with
    online meeting – great to connect with many people
  6. Approval of Minutes (2020 AGM)
    • Summary of 2020 Meeting

Welcome Message: Ron Fallis

  1. Identify Current Board Members
  2. We had a tough year – couldn’t get together, couldn’t use assets, but hope to get some of that back this year
  3. Achievements:

Meeting Minutes Page 2 of 9 Heritage Hills Community Association

• Made great advances with garden with physical presence and use;
• Town agreed with our position to not go forward with the school bus
depot adjacent to Heritage Hills;
• created a business directory;
• 2020 Open House – online
• Developed a Mission Statement
• Some events this year – thank you Jenna
• Not a lot of opportunity to pursue new projects

  1. Board positions – 9 positions (large) were filled, although we lost a few
    members and that’s understandable as we are all volunteers (Jason, Jenna, Trent) – thank you all. Ron will not be running again this year as he is moving.
  2. Goals for 2021:
    • fill board positions
    • increase membership
    • communicate to the community
    • fundraising
    • events
    • networking with Town and other CA’s and organizations

Agenda Item: Treasurer Report
Presenter: Matthew Shannon

• Year to Date of 2020 financials, taxes, audit, insurance, grants, annual
• Present a report which was emailed out today to members
• Question: Marla Kerr: Are these garden expenses one-time due to
construction? Answer: yes
• Question: Jay Adams: How many households do we have as members?
Based on the income of $560 I assume it’s only 56 households are
members? Answer: numbers reflect last year’s membership
• Taxes: engaged a professional within the community and submitted
• Audit: Must be someone in the community; Thanks to Denette Harrison
and Doreen Chidley; Both volunteers to help again next year!
• Insurance: quite expensive; designed to cover injuries at events; June 5
-June 5 so we may still have an opportunity to use it at events;

Question by Ron Fallis: doesn’t t also cover the board members?
Answer: yes.
• Question: Dennis Quick: Is the insurance company we use offering any
discounts because of covid? Answer: no; but there is some grant money
available for operating costs we should pursue
• Grants: we did get 2 last year: there is some grant money available for
operating costs
• Annual Filing: HHCA is a “society” and reports to the government; every
October – we were late but we are not in trouble and we are learning to
stay on top of this.

Committee Reports

Agenda Item: Membership
Presenter: Nikki Anguish
• “Director at Large” position.
• 600 households – goal is 25% membership, currently have 42 households = 7%
plus those who paid tonight
• Thanks to all and nice to meet everyone
• .

Agenda Item: Digital & Communications
Presenter: Dave Chidley
• This was originally 2 positions but took on role of Digital \presence after Jason
went “off-line”.
• Encouraging everyone to use the website for information, not just Facebook.
• Website serves as history of our history
• Continues to post new events and information

• Limited communication about events this year but hopefully more to report on this year
• Still use the Community Facebook group for posts as it has more members; but also our HHCA page
• All board members have individual email addresses, and also a general address that will reach 6 of the board
• .

Agenda Item: Events / Fundraiser
Presenter: Ron Fallis
• Some of the events Jenna was able to get out there
• We had to cancel plans for most of our events, though.
• .

Agenda Item: Community Garden
Presenter: Anika
• First year and a busy year!
• We sold out @ $30/box
• Garden was ready for Mother’s Day
• Created a Maintenance Schedule to abide with covid restrictions.
• Completed projects: boxes, soil, compost bin, fence posts – wire to come in the spring
• Future projects planned: shed, bench, picnic table, fence upgrades, “community bed”, expansion,

• Soil top up this spring
• Received grants from Cochrane Foundation, need funds to maintain and grow;
• Donations are welcome
• About half of the boxes are rented already for this year
• Hopefully we can have an opening / close-out party / bar-b-q
• .

Agenda Item: Planning & Development
Presenter: Ron
• Updates on Ranch property.
• Show up and be involved with public meetings
• Communication with Town members
• Glenda Maru: Can we ask the developer to cut the weeds inside the fence around our front storm front? This space is an eye sore. Answer: Ron can review the answer from the Town – This is not considered a recreational area.
• Brad Ross: If they are considered noxious weeds they are responsible. There is quite a few in the neighborhood
• Board can re-visit this item. Strive to continue good relationship with the Town.
• Entrance Feature like the one in Heartland were implemented by the Developer

Added Agenda Item: Mission Statement
Presenter: Cynthia Nemeth

• We developed this as a group, adopted it as guiding principles for any board members – this is what you are signing up for
• Posted on our Website
• A Mission is what we are doing now; a Vision is what we strive to be in the
future, additional Values
• Reads the statement
• .

New Business

Item 1: Q&A

  1. Brad Ross: What about the provincial flag that is in shreds? Coming into the neighborhood it just does not show pride.
    Answer: Flag pole still owned by the developer for 2 more years.
    Committed to changing the flag once a year. Ready to turn over to HHCA.
    It is expensive to maintain, although it can be a continuous fundraiser.
  2. Entrance Enhancements
    Answer: Nikki: clarifies that we are not an HOA (home owners association) which are created by developers, and generate revenue through taxes.
  3. Brad Ross: Suggests a Welcome Package to new homeowners to inform them about the HHCA
    Ron: great idea for the new board to take on
  4. Jay Adams: How do we get a community hockey rink started? I’d be happy to help get one going if there was interest and support. Maybe late this year but for next year
    Dave Chidley: Matthew collected some information that Heartland
    recently went through including 60+ volunteers, $40,000; we have
    discussed this before and considered an all-season rink; insurance is a

huge factor too – signed release required by all users in Heartland – and
how is that policed? Nikki: looking at grants for this and other projects

Item 2: Review By-Laws
No review planned.
Item 3: Election of the Board:

  1. Treasurer
    • Matthew Shannon offers to continue in the position
    Seconded by Trent and Acclaimed
  2. Secretary
    • Cynthia Nemeth offers to continue in the position
    Seconded by Trent and Uncontested
  3. Communications
    • Dave Chidley puts offers to continue in the position
    Seconded by Trent and Acclaimed
  4. Events & Fundraising
    • Bill Yorke wants to be involved but can’t commit to a grant
    writing/fundraising position.
    • Lindsay Weibe expressed interest but is not present tonight. We
    can continue the search after the AGM.
    Committees allow for the load to be shared.
    • Nikki Anguish has put her name forward
    Seconded by Trent and Acclaimed
  5. President
    • Jason Blanchette puts his name forward
    Seconded by Trent and Acclaimed
  6. Vice President
    • Bill Yorke puts his name forward.
  7. Director at Large 1
    • Robb Aishford puts his name forward
  1. Director at Large 2
    • Dennis Quick puts his name forward
  2. Director at Large 3
    • Anika Sylvestre puts her name forward with an understanding of
    sorting out details of her position with the Garden in a future

Item 4: Auditors for 2021:

  1. Denette Harrison
  2. Doreen Chidley
    Item 5: Final Thoughts:
  3. Cynthia: New members please provide contact info and the next
    meeting is coming up soon!
  4. Dave: We need help with Membership, perhaps from one of the new
    DAL would be interested
  5. Dave: Thank you to Ron for your service and acknowledge for helping
    start this CA!
  6. Dave: Thanks to Trent for his service!


Motion to adjourn at 8:49 by Ron .
Second: .

The next meeting will be held: .
Date: TBD
Time: 7:00pm
Location: online

June 2020 Board meeting update

June 16, 2020

Dear Neighbors: The HHCA continues its mission in making our great community even greater!  I wanted to provide an update on some of the initiatives or work streams we are progressing with:
1 – Bottle Drive – We continue to support initiatives in our community.  As such we are running a bottle drive on Saturday morning.  We will be driving and collecting bottles, so please have your bottles ready and by the curb. We will not be knocking on your doors! Remember, funds go directly back to our neighborhood, our current administration costs are close to $0.
2 – Community Garden – The first twenty boxes were finished, installed, and are now in full bloom.  The gardener’s are meeting later this week/month to prioritize the next projects that need to be completed that may include a fence, shed, compost bin, and general expansion.  As part of this they are working on their funding and costing so expect updates over the summer as they continue to progress.  Contact Anika ( for more information.
3 – Keep our Community Clean – The board has approved an initiative to start a campaign to keep our community clean and beautiful.  The idea is to hopefully remind folks to pick up after their pets, their trash, etc…  I will be working on ordering a bunch of lawn signs that we will deliver and place on your lawn if you sign up.  More details to follow soon.  Contact myself (Trent – for further information, and a sign up sheet will be posted soon.
4 – Safety – We have received numerous concerns around vehicles speeding in the community, including those with pace car stickers.  We are taking a step back and looking at this issue as a whole and doing a review of that program, which is a national program, to see it’s local effectiveness with our overarching goal of speed reduction and safety in our community.  Contact Nikki ( or Ron Fallis ( for more information on this on-going concern / initiative.
5 – Events – You will continue to see fun events that Jenna has been organizing, in fact the Neighbors Week event is happening this week, ending with a gift certificate that was donated.  Keep an eye open for the next ones and you can contact Jenna ( for more information.

If you have ideas or other information you would like, please contact us anytime.
Trenton LeinenweberPresident, HHCA

Rocky View Schools Plan

Apr. 23, 2020

Good day Cochrane Families!

Today, Rocky View Schools’ (RVS) Board of Trustee approved a student accommodation plan for the Town of Cochrane. Please see below for a letter from Board Chair Fiona Gilbert and an accompanying set of question and answers.

Cochrane Student Accommodation Plan – Board Letter 

Cochrane Student Accommodation Plan – Q & A 

These documents and details of the Board’s Cochrane Student Accommodation Consultation are accessible on RVS’ website at:

President’s Message and Welcome!

It is a great pleasure that I write to you today to give an update on who we are, how we are organized, and a plea for you to get involved.  The HHCA is an association that has a mission to continuously improve our daily way of life.  I am proud to volunteer alongside such dedicated neighbors that make our already good community great.  This being said, we are facing challenges, from schooling redesignations, to a major highway construction project, to more localized issues like dog poo and crosswalks.  One thing I firmly believe, when we are organized we have a much louder voice and can influence change.
Events –  Everyone in the community is starting to see, feel, and take advantage of the amazing events held locally in our neighborhood as well as in our town.  The Easter Egg hunt kicks off spring in our community, followed by a Jelly Bean dance and then a summer BBQ.  Moving into fall we have yet another Jelly Bean dance and finally an amazing Santa Clause event.  If this isn’t worth a $10 membership then I don’t know what is!!
Planning and Development – Our primary focus has been looking into how we can reduce traffic impact of development until after the interchange is complete.  To accomplish this we have worked with town administration as well as town council to re-look at proposed developments and re-zoning and are hopeful for a  positive result.  As it sits right now the traffic impact assessment has recommended that the 1a Highway be twinned all the way to Horse Creek Road, something that was not even considered until we took issue with proposed development timing just to the north of us. If this isn’t worth a $10 membership then I don’t know what is!!
Communications and Technology – We are moving to a web page!  Currently, we have decided to keep the facebook page as a way of letting people know of updates to the webpage, and we expect to really grow it’s usefulness over this next year.   If this isn’t worth a $10 membership then I don’t know what is!!
Community Garden – So much work to get to this point – from neighborhood consultation to grants to building the cedar boxes.  We are so excited to see the first plants rising from the soil this spring!  There are 20 boxes – get one before they are all sold out! If this isn’t worth a $10 membership then I don’t know what is!!
Administration – From organizing meetings to keep all of the above moving to ensure we are always on-side from treasury, our admin team has caught us up 100%, completed audits, updated bylaws with the Alberta registrar, all in such a short timeframe.  
Upcoming Challenges – The old adage that it will get worse before it gets better, well this is the motto for traffic in the upcoming couple years.  When Construction begins, as early as summer of 2021, traffic will be a large challenge for all of us.  This being said, I know that we are all willing to accept some short term pain to get this infrastructure project moving!  Schooling is another big challenge as Rancheview is over capacity and the RVS division is suggesting they are going to move our children to a different school, possibly away from the friends they have made.  All challenges that we are watching and where possible, getting involved.
Upcoming Opportunity for you – I am inviting you to get involved.  Contact us and stay involved.  It does not necessarily mean hundreds of hours – maybe you have kids and are interested in helping on just one event – your help is welcomed!  Maybe your interested in something more like seeing if we can get a multi-use court built – well we could use some help!  Every committee needs some help, so please raise your hand, reach out, and we will warmly and happily accept some help.
It all starts with a membership – please join now by emailing ….  your $10 and include your address and anyone else in your home you want named as a member.

Trenton Leinenweber, President, HHCA Register by Email at: Interact e-transfers are now accepted.

HHCA Annual General Meeting 2020

The Heritage Hills Community Association (HHCA) Annual General Meeting (AGM).
February 27th, 2020 at 7:00 pm at the FCSS building, 209 Second Ave. W. Cochrane

Heritage Hills Community Association Meeting Minutes

Date: February 27, 2020
Location: FCSS, Cochrane, AB
Purpose: Heritage Hills Community Association 2020 AGM
Ron Fallis
Bella Fallis
David Chidley
Chelsea Sartor
Jason Blanchette
Trent Leinenweber
Anika Sylvestre
Jenna Leach
Other members of the Heritage Hills Community Association to meet quorum

Meeting called to order at 7:03pm by Trent

Guest Speakers:  Interpipeline Presentation on the addition of an incinerator to the gas plant to the north of Heritage Hills.

Key slide from the AGM presentation explaining the key benefits of the future incinerator at the plant north of Heritage Hills.


  • –  The HHCA needs volunteers from the community to help with various things.
  • –  There is a $150,000 grant available to apply for but we need to match thisamount in order to receive the grant. Trent proposed on behalf of the HHCA board members that a multipurpose court (pickle ball, tennis, ice rink, etc.) would be a good idea for this new project. Trent stated that a committee of volunteers would need to be formed to take on this project.

Treasurer Report: Presented by Trent

  • –  Audited statements received from Kiara and Dennette and it was signed off.
  • –  Dennette: “Everything balanced”Minutes Agenda Item: Membership reportPresenter: Jenna LeachDiscussion: – There were 5 new membership sign ups at Santa in the Park in November 2019. – New membership sign ups at tonight’s AGM.
    – Currently 25 memberships.
    – In need of volunteers for membership drive, including door knocking in the community to increase memberships.
    – Membership is $10 per household per year.
    – Review of membership benefits including helping to fund events and ensuring the sustainability of our organization. – EMT set up for membership fees. Agenda Item: Digital Presence report (see attached report) Presenter: Jason Discussion: – We are registered as a non-profit organization.
    – Community members can contact board memberships through their HHCA email addresses. Addresses will be posted on website.
    – Website is being developed.
    – Memberships can be purchased on website in the future. Agenda Item: Communications report (see attached report) Presenter: David Chidley Discussion: – New Heritage Hills website presented to attendees.
    – Discussion on the name of our community “Heritage Hills” and it’s meaning. The significance of our history as ranching land. Our community’s history and it’s importance related to the website design.

– Website will present community information to our audience.
– “The View” from Heritage Hills incorporated in the website design. Photos on the

website will be continually updated.
– Goal is not to rely on Facebook for communicating with the Heritage Hills

community. We want to drive people to the website for information. – User-friendly tabs to streamline navigating website.
– Kept up to date for members to review

Agenda Item: Community Garden report (see attached report) Presenter: Anika


– 20 4ft x 4ft boxes to be install in April (depending on ground thaw).
– Water taps to be installed.
– Compost bin for everyone to maintain. Same rules as residential.
– Cochrane foundation grant received to continue development of garden. – Need volunteers to help install garden boxes in April.

– Gardeners Gathering mid March to sign up for boxes (contracts, boxes, ask questions, meet garden neighbors). Date TBD and announced.

– Hoping to start growing season by May 1st.
– Pictures of boxes in report.
– Final garden contract to be added to website. Online sign up and payment.

Questions from attendees:

  • –  Q: Who’s paying for water?A: HHCA billed and evenly divided amongst garden members.
  • –  Q: Where are we getting filler/loam?
    A: Hoping for donations. Anika to source loam in March.
  • –  Q: How to ensure paid members can get a box?
    A: The board will discuss having an official date where paid members will be given first chance to sign up for a garden box. We will contact paid members by email to notify them of date. After paid members are given first chance, we will present to the rest of the community to sign up.
  • –  Q: Have you thought to ask Interpipeline to sponsor loam? A: Trying to find filler that is quality. Will source in March.

Agenda Item: Events/Fundraiser report (see attached report) Presenter: Bella Fallis


– Community Garden: Second grant approved to complete development.
– In need of volunteers for community clean up in the park before egg hunt in

– Cochrane Community Associations to work together to host kids dance. – Pace Car community set up: 15 families signed up.
– Crosswalk flags a success.
– No events planned for July and August to take the summer off.

– Proposed Events for 2020:
April 11th: 2nd annual egg hunt in the park. Registration in March. May 8th: Spring Dance at the SLS curling rink. Superhero theme. June 27th: 2nd annual BBQ in the park.
October 30th: Jellybean dance for Halloween at the SLS. November 28th: Santa in the Park.

– Looking for volunteers to help with Events and Fundraising. – Bella stepped down from Events/Fundraiser Board position.

Agenda Item: Planning and Development report (see attached report) Presenter: Ron Fallis


  • –  Committee has met with Drew Hyndman and Candace Banack to discuss committee concerns.
  • –  Bus Depot in Sports Park: Update – The Heritage Hills Community Association Planning and Development Committee concluded that the recommendations and comments we should give the Mayor and Town Council is to:
    • Not approve the amendment that would facilitate the BusDepot/Maintenance Yard.
    • We would consider looking at the proposal again, but only after theinterchange and the upgrade of Township Road 263 is upgraded.
    • Our opinion is that the traffic problems that would be created for theforeseeable future along 1A west of 22 would be bad, not only for residents of Heritage Hills and Heartland, but for all residents of Cochrane and elsewhere that use that section of the highway.

Agenda Item: Elect New Board Presenter: Trent


Auditors: Dannette and Doreen Chidley
Communications: David Chidley, acclaimed
Director at Large – Director of Community Garden: Anika, acclaimed
Director at Large – Online Presence: Jason, acclaimed
Treasurer: Vacant. Trent put Matthew Shannon’s name forward. Matthew accepted position, acclaimed.
Vice president: Jenna Leach and Ron Fallis put their name forward for position. Votes: Jenna 5, Ron 8. Ron acclaimed.
Secretary: Chelsea stepped down. Position vacant. Cynthia Nemeth put name forward, acclaimed.
Events and Fundraising: Bella stepped down. Position vacant. Jenna put her name forward, acclaimed. Dannette stated that Erin Caron could volunteer to help write Grants.
Director at Large: Nikki Anguish put her name forward, acclaimed
President: Trent put his name forward, acclaimed

Agenda Item: Introduce New Board Presenter: Trent

President: Trent Leinenweber
Vice President: Ron Fallis
Treasurer: Matthew Shannon
Secretary: Cynthia Nemeth
Events: Jenna Leach
Communications: David Chidley
Director at Large – Community Garden: Anika Sylvestre Director at Large – Online Presence: Jason Blanchette Director at Large: Nikki Anguish

Agenda Item: Review member feedback
Discussion: There was no feedback left on the white board to review.

Other Information


At 9:03pm Trent motioned to adjourn, seconded by David. Meeting was adjourned. Minutes submitted by: Chelsea Sartor


School buses parked the present Southland Bus Depot in Cochrane. /Dave Chidley

On Monday night (March 9/20) at the Town Council Meeting Town Administration recommended Bylaw 27/2019 be amended to delete the DC District from the Bylaw and apply the Public Service District to the entire quarter section. Council agreed and approved the Bylaw as amended.

This means Southland’s bus operations will not locate on the lands, and the zoning is in place to accommodate the future high school and sports park.

The Heritage Hills Community Association Board would like to thank the Town Planners for all of their time, effort, and consideration throughout this process. It’s been a long road and we really appreciate the help and cooperation.

We would also like to thank the Mayor and Council members for their understanding and respect for the feelings and concerns of the residents of Heritage Hills.

Heritage Hills Community Association Board


Well after a long but positive process with the Town of Cochrane and Southland Transportation, The HHCA (our community Association) successfully had council vote against moving the bus yard to just north of our community, which would have caused major traffic concerns.
I also had a long discussion with our MLA yesterday, Mr. Guthrie, about the effect of closing the 43/22 intersection. Backed by an independent traffic study, we are asking the province to twin the 1a to the west side of Heritage Hills as part of the interchange upgrade.

HHCA President Trent Leinenweber

The latest on proposed School Bus depot

School buses parked at the present Southland Bus Depot in Cochrane. /Dave Chidley

Feb. 26, 2010

This is the letter sent to the Town Planning Department setting out the position the HHCA Board was taking on behalf of the community regarding the proposed amendment that would facilitate the Southland Bus Depot development. Trent, Jenna and I attended the last public hearing for this matter on Monday and spoke in support of this position.

You should note that the public hearing is now closed and the planning department will bring the Bylaw to Council for their consideration and decision at the regular Council meeting on Monday March 9th. Administration will prepare a report that will be available to the public on Friday March 6th.

Re: File No. SN2019-012; Land Use Bylaw Amendment – Proposed Maintenance Yard
Property: SW 16-26-4W5M (Land Annexed North of Heritage Hills)

Dear Mr. Welden

We would like to thank you, Drew Hyman and Ryan Stewart of the Town Planning Department for engaging with Trent Leinenweber, Jenna Leach and myself in follow-up discussions since the last hearing date of December 3, 2019 regarding this proposed amendment. Having reviewed the findings of the new Traffic Impact Assessment, and given further information you have provided us, the Board of Heritage Hills Community Association submits the following position for the consideration of the Mayor and Council:
-We strongly advice you not to approve the amendment that would facilitate the Bus
Depot/Maintenance Yard development.

Our opinion is that the traffic problems created for the foreseeable future along 1A west of 22 would be exceedingly disruptive, and would be an intolerable inconvenience, not only for residents of Heritage Hills and Heartland, but for all residents of Cochrane and elsewhere that use that section of the highway.
The TIA concluded that the potential future development on the subject lands can be accommodated when certain recommended improvements are made. They are:
1. Highway 1A and 22 interchange.
2. twinning of Highway 1A from the interchange to Horse Creek Road.
3. creating an additional access off of Highway 1A east or Heritage Gate/Heartland Blvd. that will provide
access to Heritage Hills on the north and Heartland to the south; and
4. the urbanization of Township Road 262 from a gravel road to a four-line collector road from Horse Creek
Road to Range Road 43.

It has been made clear to us that none of these developments are going to be completed in the near future,
particularly points 3 and 4. We also understand that the overall Sports Park project is not at risk if the bus depot is not developed.

We were also informed in our discussions with yourself and Drew that the option of diverting a portion of the bus traffic from the proposed bus depot onto Township Road 262 and away from the Horse Creek Road intersection with 1a was not feasible. The reasons given were that the Range Road 43 exit onto Highway 22 will be closed by the Province for the highway interchange development. As well, TR 262 would need to be upgraded to a four-lane paved road to accommodate the bus traffic, which is not in the works for a long while.

We would consider looking at the proposal again, but only after the highway interchange is completed and
Township Road 263 is upgraded.
We would like to thank Craig Loose, Regional Director of Southland, and Tom Parker, who manages Southland’s real estate matters, for the time and effort they put into meeting and discussing with us the issues involved in this proposed development.
Thank you for your consideration of these submissions.
Yours truly,
Ronald Fallis, LL.B.
Chair – Planning & Development Liaison
Heritage Hills Community Association

People will be able to download the report on the town website:


Contact us

Please feel free to contact us with comments, suggestions and helpful information.[contact_form]  UNDER CONSTRUCTION LINK TO FOLLOWVisibilityPublishAuthor24 RevisionsAllow CommentsTemplate:Parent Page:Order

November HHCA Board Meeting update

November HHCA update:

Hello fellow Heritage Hills residents. Your HHCA board met last night in their monthly board meeting and I can report that we are really progressing amazingly well, not just one of the most efficient community associations in Cochrane, but one of the most efficient boards I sit on! As usual each committee will be giving updates but here are a few larger items you should be aware of:

1 – School Bus move update – Town of Cochrane has replied to our letter of concerns of Southland Transportation moving operations just north of Heritage Hills. We only received it just before our meeting and the committee will be giving an update after a thoughtful review. Stay tuned.

2 – Next Event – Santa in the park – Nov 30th, 6pm to 8pm. Santa will be listening to your kids wishes, making a list, and checking it twice. There will be time for pictures so bring your cameras! The fall Jellybean dance was an overwhelming success with a sold out venue, and many prizes. Planning has begun for the next one! Please contact Bella if you would like to become more involved in our events, as we can use the help.

3 – We are looking at what grants to go after based on feedback we have received, and by looking at what is out there. One grant has caught our eye but will take a year to prepare, and a strong committee with a lot of energy to make it happen. Wouldn’t a multi use small Tennis/Pickleball/Basketball/Ice area be great in one of our parks, right here in Heritage Hills? Stay tuned for a call for people to help at the AGM, and feel free to call me for more information.

4 – Treasure Report – our 2018 books were audited and they have been sent off to CRA! Huge thanks to Susan for getting them up to speed and to our auditors, Kiara and Dennette for stepping up so quickly and getting it complete. A copy of both the 2018 and 2019 will be given at the AGM in February, if any member would like to see them ahead of time they can by contacting myself or Susan.

August HHCA Board Meeting update

Trent Leinenweber

August 28, 2019

HHCA Update:

Late last evening we adjourned our first board meeting with the newly elected board. We had a jam packed agenda and managed to get through each item with 2 min to spare!

Our treasurer (Susan) has been hard hard at work catching up on filings and reconciliations. We also did some housekeeping items such as updating the two signatures required and decided on some dates for the filings.

We now have 4 committees and are working hard to better define them.

The Events Committee was first up and Bella presented a great overview of previous events and I can announce that we approved two more before year end, another Jellybean dance (possibly Oct 26th) for Halloween as well as a Christmas Lightup (possibly November 30th) at the new park. More to come.

The Garden Committee was next on the list and Anika presented a brief state of the nation. It is looking very good to have everything in place by year end so gardening can kick off officially with the next growing season. More to come.

A new committee was formed called On-line Presence Committee. Jason and Dave were nominated to lead this committee and will be coming back to us at our next board meeting (Sept 9th) with a draft proposal on all of the details. We are excited as the goal is to eliminate a lot of the communication confusion, increase transparency, as well as to streamline the membership process through the use of technology. This most likely will be implemented in a few phases.

A new committee was formed, tentatively named the Planning and Development Liaison Committee. Ron, Jenna and myself will lead this committee and we are expecting quite a few members to step up and assist. We will work to create a unified voice for Heritage Hills over any concerns we may have on the many, many upcoming infrastructure projects that are already approved as well as those that are being proposed.

Soon these committees may be reaching out for additional help, it takes a community of volunteers to build a great community!

Lastly we will be having an open house before the end of September. Ron, Jenna and Dave are working on the details and we will announce right after our next board meeting.

In the mean time, if you have any questions you can email or direct message myself or any board member. As a reminder to help reach out to the right person the board consists of:

President: Trenton Leinenweber

Vice-President: Jenna Leach

Secretary: Chelsey Sartor

Treasurer: Susan Carey

Events and Fundraising: Bella Fallis

Communications: David Chidley

Community Garden: Anika Sylvestre

Online Presence: Jason Blanchette

Planning and Development Liason: Ron Fallis